How It Works

We have some big news!

We are transitioning the Philly Herb Hub away from the 24/7 model of online distribution to allow us to focus more on herbal education. The Hub will now live, at Blackbird Rising in Germantown (details below!).

Why the change?

Real talk - since Kelly (co-organizer) moved to Vermont last June, Des (co-organizer) has been filling 10-20 orders a week for the hub and it’s come to feel unsustainable--and that’s just the more visible work that it takes to run the Hub. We’ve had awesome help from a few volunteers (thanks Kali!) and folks at Weavers Way (special shout out to Camille for organizing!)

But having a shop with ordering access 24/7/365 for 4 years is finally coming to an end. It’s been a wild and incredible ride. 

The thing that we’ve been long excited about is increasing Herb Hub education opportunities - in-person classes, online workshops, written resources, possible consultations from Black herbalists. In order for that to get the time and attention that deserves, we need to shift our distro model. 

So, thanks for being here with us, and offering grace during all of our transitions. We’re excited to hear what you want to learn about, and what you want to teach! Feel free to send us an email if you'd like (paid!) opportunities to teach!

How long will the online store be available?

The online hub will be available until March 30, so you have one more chance to make an order online. Still 20 item limit. You can pick up in West Philly (usual spot) or at Blackbird Rising in Germantown (5838 Germantown Avenue, Philly, PA 19144; details listed below).

What about the online resource library?

The library will be up and accessible forever. As we shift towards education, this space will grow and (hopefully!) become a hub for connectivity between farmers, Black herbalists, teachers and folks who want to deepen their relationships with plants.

Where can I pick up herbs?

Most herbs / herbal medicine are available NOW at Blackbird Rising, a Black queer and trans centered space for healing and connection in Germantown. Blackbird Rising hosts gatherings, workshops, healing practitioners and opportunities for rest. We’re so excited they made space for the Hub to be there! 

We’ll continue to keep herbs stocked at Blackbird Rising. In early April, we’ll increase the stock that’s available there. The flow of herb distribution will follow the lead of the plants - we imagine that in the summer and fall when the plants are poppin, we’ll have more available; in the winter and spring when the herbs die back, we’ll be moving slower as well. 

5838 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144

  • Tuesday - Thursday, 10am - 5pm
  • Friday, 12pm - 7pm
  • Saturday, 10am - 5pm

How much can I pick up?

There is a 5 item limit per person, per visit so we can keep it stocked. This is a system of trust and community agreement y'all, so this is just a reminder to be mindful. We ask everyone using the Hub to take care of each other by only grabbing what you need in the moment. 

 Can I get the herbs delivered? 

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer delivery. Our small group of organizers and volunteers just don't have the bandwidth. 

Where do the herbs come from?
We get donations of dry bulk herbs from small farms including Bluestem Botanicals, Katydid Hill Farm, Oshala Farm, Healing Spirits Herb Farm, Squirrel Dance Farm, Pacific Botanicals, Cutting Root, 
We received donations of liquid herbs (tinctures, oxymels, elixirs) from Rose Core Collective, Sun and Moon Herbs, Katydid Hill Farm, Odabu / Billy Green
We received honey donations from Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild

How is the Hub funded?
Primarily through small donations from people like you! Our average donation is $25, and these small donations keep us chugging along.
Some of our larger donors are the Womanist Working Collective and City Planter.
If you’d like to give, you can send a gift, just please make sure to note it’s for the Herb Hub:
Venmo: @phillyherbhub 
CashApp: $phillyherbhub

 Other Ways to Support Mutual Aid

  • Our friend Dominique is still  organizing herbal mutual aid for Palestinian, Arab, Southwest Asian and North African folks. Shoot her an email if you’d like to get involved:
  • Black Honey Apothecary is a “Black, Trans led apothecary offering free/pay-what-you-can herbal remedies for queer and trans Black, Indigenous People of Color, no/low income, disabled and undocumented fam.” check them out on insta
  • Solidarity Herb Kits is providing herbs to folks engaging in direct action for Palestinian liberation, and if you’d like to get involved email and you can send $$ donations via venmo. @amanda-katz-21