Welcome to the Hub! We’ve made important updates to our order, pick up and delivery processes below, so please read carefully 🌿🌿

The Philly Herb Hub is a free community apothecary, currently available to Black folks in Philly.
We provide free herbs and free workshops through a sustainable mutual aid network with local growers, medicine makers, and herb enthusiasts.
Further in the future, we'd love to open a free clinic.

For the Herb Hub, sustainability also means keeping herbs and medicine accessible as a consistent practice--so that it is able to exist as a reliable and stable resource, for as long as possible.

*This project is organized by Desiree Thompson and Kelly McCarthy, herb workers in Philadelphia, and supported by a community of folks who love herbs.

One of our main goals is to get as much herbal medicine out to as many Black folks in Philly as we can.  To make that work, we do ask folks to be mindful about the hundreds of other Hub users who are also wanting to access these herbs. In August 2023, we had over 100 people order over 700 items. That's a record for the almost four years that we've been doing the project.

We LOVE that folks are getting what they need for themselves and their families, but putting some limits in place will ensure that this project is accessible and sustainable for all of us using the Hub. This will also make the labor of making medicine, filling orders, and delivering orders much more manageable. We are currently asking folks to order no more than 2 of each item, and 20 total items per month

Our bulk quantities section is designed for people who need larger amounts to distribute to loved ones.

Setting these limits is an experiment in tending to the collective. We’d love to hear how this lands for you - feedback and relationship is essential to this project. You can let us know here.

Thanks so much for understanding, and feeling into the web of all the other folks using the Hub! We're not a business or even a non-profit; just a handful of people who love herbs and sharing their abundance.


We only offer pick up and delivery in Philadelphia (details about certain zip codes, below).

NOTE: Depending on availability of inventory, the website may not give the option to pick up where you'd like. If you receive an error message:

1. try splitting larger orders into several, smaller orders. Some items may even need to be ordered one by one.

2. select "Ship (local delivery)" at check out. Then just leave us a message in check-out notes; we'll be sure to place it at the pick up location of your choice.

Orders not claimed within two weeks will be offered back to the community 💛


For PICK UP, select "pick-up" at checkout:


Orders are filled and made available within one to two weeks. You will receive a notification when your order is ready. You can pick up anytime that is convenient for you.

You can pick up your herbs at 707 S. 50th St. Walk through the black gate with the white sign. If the gate is locked, get the key out of the white lock box (code 2046) and let yourself in. Walk past the stairs and you’ll see the black bin with a yellow lid behind the outdoor staircase. Your herbs will either be in there, or the big gray tote text to it, labelled “Attic Apothecary” on the top. Herbs will be in a bag with your name. Come at your convenience. Please leave the gate UNLOCKED.



*You'll receive the exact address in your order confirmation*
Intersection of Abbotsford & Pulaski)
Phila., PA 19144

Fridays: 1-7pm
Saturdays: 10a-8p

Follow the driveway up the left side of the house. Walk up the steps and open the wooden door to the entryway. The bin is underneath the sitting bench on the right. Please be sure to place the bin back underneath the bench when you’re done (to keep the entryway clear).

For LOCAL DELIVERY, select "Ship" at checkout and enter your address

If you select delivery, please have atleast four items in your order.

Note: Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to Center City or South Philly.

This includes 19102, 19103, 19106, 19107, 19145, 19146, 19147 and 19148.

Please make sure the address that you entered at check out is correct. If you need to make a change, please email phillyherbhub@gmail.com as soon as possible. Deliveries are every other Saturday or Sunday from 1-7p. Please allow THREE-FOUR weeks for delivery. THESE ARE NO CONTACT drop offs, for the time being.

Email us at phillyherbhub@gmail.com with any questions.

Much love,
Desiree and Kelly

New Products!

We believe the long term sustainability of the project rests on relationships, not only with the land and the plants, but also between growers and people accessing the medicine. 

We work in ways that are sustainable for us--moving slowly, adjusting, listening, responding. 
We work in ways that support an alternative economy that subverts the gatekeeping of plants, land and
medicinal knowledge.


If you’re interested in growing herbs for the hub, and/or donating dried herbs, prepared medicine or supplies, please take our Growers Survey

If you’d like to request and/or teach herbal classes or workshops, please fill out our Workshop Request Form

To donate to the Herb Hub, you can use our PayPal link, or send funds along via CashApp or Venmo (name on the accounts for both, is atticapothecary)