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winter / new world fortification kits for black people

winter / new world fortification kits for black people

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**quantity updated as new donations come in 💪🏾"

Winter / New World Fortification for Black People (80 kits)

40 kits for folks who are housed (H)

40 kits for folks who are housing insecure (HI)

*(these kits cost about $25 to make.

if you are NonBlack, and would like to support: you may use the donation link on the home page, or CashApp: $desireecatherine)

*Philly pick up locations, coming after October 27th*


Water pouches 

Calorie food bars

Water purification tablets

12 hr emergency bright sticks

Emergency Body Warmers

(HI) Emergency Blankets + rope (double as a mobile shelter)


11-in-1 Pocket Card Multitool

Ferrocerium Rod (Firestarter)

2 pairs vinyl gloves

2 disposable masks 


Moist Towelettes



(HI) two loose-leaf herbal tea blends

  • marshmallow root, mint, rose
  • tulsi

(H) two tinctures:

  • blend by Dominique Matti (ingredients and recommendations, coming soon 💖)
  • tulsi

small bundle of dried Yarrow (wound healing and energetic protection) 

small bundle of dried Goldenrod (reminders of sun, philly abundance, and respiratory relief)

small succulent or other houseplant (needs very little water or light to grow)