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Traditional Usui Reiki (sliding scale)

Traditional Usui Reiki (sliding scale)

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Sliding-scale guidelines | towards economic justice, and fair energy exchange between my labor, your circumstances, and both of our lived experiences. 

Choose price point 1 if : you frequently stress out about meeting basic needs [food, housing, transportation] and don’t always achieve them | you qualify for government assistance including food stamps and health care | you have no or very little expendable income [ability to buy coffee or tea at a shop, go to the movies or a concert, buy new clothes and similar items each month]

Choose price point 2 if :you may stress about meeting your basic needs but still regularly achieve them | you are employed | you can ask others for financial/emotional/physical support [family members, partners, or friends] | you have some expendable income

Choose price point 3 (true cost of service) if: you are comfortably able to meet all your household needs | you can afford an annual vacation or take time off | you have access to financial savings/401k/other investments

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Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, energy work that utilizes light touch (or no touch) to aid the body in balancing physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Using specific hand positons, I channel divine, healing energy and intuitively direct the flow into your energy field and body.

Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed, and is designed to support the body into harmony—releasing stress, promoting relaxation, and allowing the body to catalyze its own healing process.

A typical full Reiki session lasts about 50 minutes. Some people experience feelings of warmth, peace, lucid dreaming, tingling or nothing at all—your experience will be exactly what it needs to be.

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