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Monarda Oxymel

Monarda Oxymel

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Ingredients: Monarda didyma flower and leaf, honey, apple cider vinegar

powerful antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral herb. This is a warming herb that can help stimulate immunity at the onset of a cold or flu. Also helpful for chronic yeast infections.

It is uplifting to mood, and can also gently stimulate digestive function.


safe with medication, not safe in pregnancy.


If you need bigger amounts of some herbs, we can offer bulk quantities of the following to people who are redistributing the herbs within their network:
monarda oxymel
ashwagandha tincture
California poppy oxymel
lemon verbena

When we say bulk quantities, we mean that we would give you one big (16 or 32oz jar) full of the oxymel or tincture instead of that same quantity bottled into individual 2oz bottles. Bottles are one of our biggest costs with our small budget.