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Be Open. (ritual response blend #2)

Be Open. (ritual response blend #2)

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"I don't know how to receive love."

This blend is an invitation for those who resonate with this struggle.

It's designed to reveal, rather than to "fix" or "treat," and can support you in noticing the places where you keep yourself small. 

Designed to be taken one dropper-ful daily, with intention, during a moment of reflection, quiet, or journal writing.

Duration: 21 consecutive days.

Allow the plants to guide you (and maybe challenge you) in meeting yourself more honestly.

ingredients: rose, motherwort, rosemary, yarrow, rose flower essence, firecracker sunflower essence*, brandy, vodka, vegetable glycerin, water, honey.

(*Flower essences are energetic / spiritual medicine, and do not contain any plant material)

safe with medications
1oz bottle