Welcome to the Hub! We’ve made important updates to our order, pick up and delivery processes below, so please read carefully 🌿🌿

Add Shipping!

Add Shipping!

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Cost of shipping is $10

Please send your payment through can use our PayPal link, via CashApp or Venmo (name on the accounts for both, is atticapothecary). Be sure to add “shipping” in the memo 🌿

We know home delivery is crucial in keeping these herbs accessible. To decrease wait times for deliveries, we’re working on getting more volunteer drivers.

But in the meantime, we’re trying out the whole mailing thing. If you’d like us to ship your herbs, add this “product” to your cart and check out normally. Choose the ship option when you get to check out.

If you have to spilt up your order into multiples, you only have to pay for shipping one time; we’ll consolidate as much as we can when it’s time to ship your herbs.
If your order ends up being over 10 items, then pick up or regular delivery might be better for you.

 Packages will be mailed once a week (likely on Tuesdays).

Let’s see how this goes!

Please send  you can use our PayPal link, or send funds along via CashApp or Venmo (name on the accounts for both, is atticapothecary)